Balasiha Complex

Balasiha, Russia

Wood interiors from ceiling to door prove the fact that a natural environment is the most appealing one. Some stone, glass or metal will enrich the perfect ambient.

All connoisseurs in the wood industry know that the quality of treatment of the final product is best seen on the edges of furniture. Perfect treatment and attention, given to every millimeter of the product, is obvious even at first glance.

Rest is even more pleasurable if you are surrounded by a luxurious interior. Perfect space in warm colors becomes a part of one, and lures towards true enjoyment.

Area: 1800m2
Author: Dušan Tešić
Main project manager: Nadežda Marić
Team: Sanja Maksimović, Goran Grgić, Marija Krasić
Year: 2011.


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